Child Care Policies & Guidelines

Child care is currently offered on Saturdays for the first two classes (9AM, 10:15AM). You must make an reservation in advance, as space is limited.

To reserve a spot for your child(ren), each child needs to have a profile in our online system. Use this link to log in to your profile (it is the desktop version of the site). Note: You cannot do this step from the Hipline app.

STEP 1: Click this link to see all the steps to add your child(ren) to your Hipline online profile. *If you are on the Hipline+ Membership, proceed to STEP 2.

If you are not, add your child to the reservation sheet and proceed to pay for the reservation. Each reservation is $10 per child.

STEP 2: Once the family member has been added, email to request we add the "pricing relationship" to your account. Include youre first and last name and your child(s) first and last name. We will confirm. This will allow you to add your child to the reservatioon sheet and not be asked to pay.

Need assistance? email. We batch emails every 48 hours. Thank you for your patience.

Our policy is the same as for classes. Hipline has a 3 hour cancellation policy. All unaccounted reservations are released at class start. If you cancel within the 3 hours, you forfeit the pass. If you are on the Hipline+ Membership you will be charged $20. Q's email

Child care is for children ages 3 to 12 years. Check out our minimum age policy to attend classes link. Kids 13 years and up are permitted to stay on the premise unattended while caregiver is taking class. Please let the front desk know.

The capacity is 4 kids plus one child care supervisor.

Hipline+ Members receive Child Care included in their membership.

Fee $10 per/child per class.

Please sign your child in upon arrival and out before leaving. The same person who signs your child in must sign them out. Make personal contact with the Child Care supervisor. Once you have dropped off your child, we ask that you do not re-enter the room unless you have been approached by our Staff. This will help relieve any anxiety the child may have. When Child Care hours have ended, please arrive promptly to pick up your child.

Do not leave your child unattended in the Child Care room. The parent/caregiver must connect with the Child Care Supervisor before leaving child and heading into class.

In order to offer an allergen-safe environment for all children, we will not be offering snacks nor allowing food from home to be consumed while in the Child Care room. If you think your child may be hungry during class, please offer them a snack prior to coming into the studio.

All children in Hipline's Child Care must be vaccinated against Covid-19.  This policy is in alignment with our guidelines for people attending in-person classes.  Exemptions will be considered for medical and religious reasons only.

If a child appears to have cold-like symptoms (runny nose, congestion, sneezing, coughing), they will not be admitted into Child Care to keep other children and community members safe from exposure. You will be asked to provide a doctor’s note for allergies or symptoms that could be mistaken for an illness.

Staff cannot assist children in the bathroom or with potty training.

We welcome comfort/transitional/lovey toys.