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Frequently Asked Questions

Hipline is a judgment-free dance and fitness studio for marginalized genders. We are anti-diet, anti-racist, pro-immigrant, and always learning.

We dance because it feels good, and that’s how we want every client to feel when they step into our studio, in person or virtually.

Our goal is to lift people up and create a brave space for all, so talks about weight, appearance, or diet, are left at the door.

Unless specified otherwise, our classes are open to all marginalized genders, inclusive of all who wish to identify with it, feminine-presenting or not.

A whole lot of fun! Our choreographers thoughtfully put together routines that you can follow along, and that clients are invited to adapt to suit their needs and abilities. We also offer classes that center gentle, low impact movement, good for participants experiencing fatigue, recovering from illness or injury, or just need slow movement for the day.

In Shimmy Pop classes, we love a party vibe, so we sometimes use disco lights. Please let your choreographer know if you are someone who experiences visual motion sensitivity. Check out our class menu page for more details.

Each choreographer brings their own flavor and curated playlists, so what you move to can change wildly from one class to the next. From heavy bass to howling guitars, salsa, samba, or old school pop hits, there’s something for everybody. Be sure to check the bios of our instructors, to get a sense of their musical tastes, and feel free to try a variety of classes to find the one(s) that best match your vibe.

The equipment used in our Power Pop classes include weights (3 lbs, 5 lbs, 8 lbs), resistance bands, balls, foam blocks, rollers, and exercise mats. For those attending virtually, the instructor might suggest household items that can be used if the equipment is not available. Use of equipment is always optional. To purchase equipment click on these link: Red or blue Resistance Band, weights, 6" Myo Ball.

We are open to making class work for as many people as possible. Clients are invited to bring props if they are supportive to their practice, and we provide chairs for clients who might need them to adapt movements. All our movments in Shimmy Pop and Power Pop can be adapted for chairs. Just let your instructor know what you need.

While our studio is not wheelchair-accessible, virtual classes strive to be accessible to all.

Here at Hipline we welcome perinatal and postnatal clients to all our class types. We invite adaptations/modifications across all movement to serve the individuals needs. If you are comfortable sharing, letting your instructor know of any health needs will ensure we meet your class expectations to the best of our abilities.

If you desire additional support, optionally, we welcome equipment into our space to support your comfort and safety. We have pregnant clients that have enjoyed the wedge pillow (another option), which elevates the heart higher than the hips when lying on your back. This is recommended for any of our mat classes, that includes floor exercises. You are welcome to BYO in for class and stow here. We do have in-house chairs and foam blocks to perform any of the movement.

All classes are barefoot. Dance specific shoes are permitted. Recommendations include Ryka and Capezio dancing shoes. No cross trainers or outside shoes allowed in the dance studio.

We are committed to not assuming anyone's gender. Our space is for people of marginalized genders, including all women, (cis & trans), transmasculine, non-binary, & gender non-conforming identities who celebrate & embrace all gender expressions. As an organization, we value feedback and our growth is a constant process. So please let us know if this commitment doesn't ring true for you as a client with us. We sometimes hold events that are open to the outside community (check the event description).

We believe bodies of any shape and size deserve to move in an empowered way. We are committed to combating anti-fat bias and toxic beauty standards by leaving diet and negative body talk at the studio door, and reimagining a movement space that uplifts all bodies.

Hipline is committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome on its premises. Unfortunately, our space is not completely physically accessible. Hipline is located on the second floor of our building without an access elevator. The building has a set of exterior stairs to access the dance studio entrance. There is a designated staff private parking lot area closer in proximity than the surrounding parking areas. We accept requests to reserve one of the parking lot spaces to access the space. Contact sisters@myhipline.com. Aides and service dogs are allowed. Aides can enter class and be there for support without paying for a class.

If the building access is a barrier to join in person please consider our livestream class options. Should you need technology assistance please email sisters@myhipline.com and we will connect with you to guide you through accessing class.

We are committed to improving our facility access and offering indoor and livestream classes that include members of the community with a visible or non-visible disability, as we believe this is a part of a community’s diversity. We welcome feedback to help us plan ahead with everyone in mind. Email us at sisters@myhipline.com.

We are culture creators and culture keepers. We feel a responsibility to ensure that we all feel safe and empowered within Hipline's walls. With that in mind, we have a firm policy in place to unequivocally mute: Any lyric containing the "n-word" (in class / in the common areas) Songs by or featuring R. Kelly / Chris Brown / Michael Jackson

Dance is a natural, healthy form of self-expression and a powerful tool to connect with and learn about one’s body. Because of the potential for sexuality to present itself in both music and dance, Hipline encourages all members of our community to dance in a manner that feels comfortable, empowering, and aligned with their values. The age minimum to attend a Hipline class is 15 years old. Children aged 13 and 14 may attend class with their parent/guardian. It is our belief that all people benefit from a safe, supportive environment to explore these very human experiences and feelings. It is also our belief that each individual knows their body, their comfort level, their needs, and will participate in a manner that feels right for them.

Go to contact page. In an effort to achieve the best outcomes, avoid burnout, and enjoy our work as we serve this community, we batch emails & communication. You can expect to hear from us within 48 hours.

If you agree to be added to the waitlist, you will be “bumped” into the class, when a spot becomes available. You can be bumped into the class anytime up to 3 hours before class start time. You are responsible for your reservation once you are added to the class. If you do not show up for the class, it is considered a late cancel. Please see Late Cancellation Policy here in the FAQ.

You can see the status of your reservation via your on-line account, in the “my schedule” page under the “my info” tab. By clicking “on the upper right” you will see what number your spot on the waitlist. If you are in the class it will say “From the Waitlist-confirmed”.

When you are “bumped”, you will receive a courtesy confirmation e-mail from Hipline. It is not to be relied upon. Clients are responsible for managing their waitlists.

If you have not been “bumped” into the class from the waitlist 3hrs. before class start time, there may be spots available due to other clients “late canceling”.

You can call the studio during class hours. If you are not “bumped” into the class from the waitlist you will not be penalized if you do not remove yourself from the waitlist.

By continuing to keep your waitlisted reservation you are agreeing to the terms of the waitlist and late cancellation policy.

Hipline has a 3 hour cancellation policy. All unaccounted reservations are released at class start. If you cancel within the 3 hours or are a no show, your reservation will be marked as a late cancellation and your account will be deducted a session from your pricing option for the missed visit. This applies to Workshops. If you are on the Hipline+ Membership you will be charged $20. Q's email accounts@myhipline.com

We do make excpetions if you need to cancel your in-person reservation, providing you reschedule for an in-person on the same day.

Clients and staff can "switch" their reservation from indoor to livestream or vice versa at any time outside the 3 hour cancellation window. If a "switch" is requested within 3 hours before class start time, this is considered a late class cancellation. See Class Cancellation Policy above. For Q's email accounts@myhipline.com.

For your safety and the safety of the class, late arrivals will not be admitted 10 minutes after class start time. If you arrive within the 10 minute grace period, wait for the last song to end and then open the door and find an open spot in the back of the room.

Class passes cannot be shared nor transferred to another person. However, you can purchase a gift card or class pass for another person.

Hipline+ members (the primary member) receive 2 guest passes per month as part of their membership package. Unused guest passes do not roll over. A guest pass can be used by a new or existing Hipline client. Once the guest pass is placed on the recipient's account, the pass expires in 1 calendar month. We do not take requests to extend expiration dates.
Limit one guest pass per unique client per month. In other words, the primary member cannot give their 2 guest passes to the same person to use in one calendar month. The recipient is limited to using the guest pass offer no more than 5 consecutive times. We will ask that the recipient buy a pass if they use a guest pass in 5 consecutive months.
Primary members can assign their guest pass by emailing accounts@myhipline.com.

Hipline offers a courtesy extension one time per year (excludes memberships). Your request must be submitted prior to your class pass expiration date. Email your request to accounts@myhipline.com. We do not offer returns.

In addition to desktop MindBody platform to manage your account, Hipline has a free app. We suggest you download this app to manage your booking needs. Download iphone here android here.

If your credit card on file declines you will receive an automated email from us, and you have 7 days to update your card. You can only update your card online via your account. If your card is not updated within 7 days, your pass will be terminated (along with any future reservations).

Terminations are permitted with notification 15 days in advance of the next billing date. We do not allow suspensions. We do not prorate. Email or your request to accounts@myhipline.com.

Hipline reserves the right to cancel or implement class schedule changes, as necessary. It is in our process to notify clients that are affected by class cancellations. Hipline has an abbreviated class schedule on some National Holidays and is closed for 1 week in July and 2 weeks for the Winter Holiday. All membership pricing includes the holiday closures. We do no pro-rate pricing.

There is free parking in the parking lot outside of Hipline. Please add in an extra 15-20 minutes to your arrival time as the garage gets full during peak hours. Bring your patience when you enter the lot and take a deep breath!

All personal belongings, including cell phones, must be kept in the locker room during your visit. We take pride in the dance floor space being free of devices so that we can all authentically connect to ourselves and with others sharing space. Devices can interupt our livestream equipment. We do have a couple locks to lend. Feel free to bring your own.

Classes are recorded for training and purposes and on-demand classes. Please ask your instructor where to stand if you do not wish to be seen on camera.

Hipline is committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome on its premises regardless of economic status. If our class pass pricing is a barrier to joining, please consider applying for our Love Club Membership.