Classes w/ an Intentional Twist! Pop in!

  • Release n' Roll
    Tammy Release n' Roll Foam Roller Calss

    Indulge in a dedicated 60 minutes just for yourself, focusing on unwinding the kinks and knots that have found a home in your body.

    Join Tammy as she guides us through the art of using a foam roller to release tension and realign the body, all within a serene and relaxing environment.

    We've got you covered with foam rollers and mats, but feel free to bring your own equipment. For an extra layer of comfort, consider bringing a towel to soften the feel of the roller against your body.

    Join us for a rejuvenating session of rolling out stress and embracing a tranquil atmosphere. Your well-being deserves this hour of intentional self-love. See you there!

    All experiences are welcome! Check out video

  • Big Thick Energy
    Instructor that teaches big thick energy

    Big Thick Energy w/ Kat (3rd Fridays / 6:30-7:30PM) Big Thick Energy is a Shimmy Pop Pop-Up that creates intentional space for fat and plus size bodies to take up space on the dancefloor & focus on the joy of movement. This class is low-impact on joints and high energy and expression. No experience needed and variations are encouraged! Check out video

  • Rest Well Yoga
    Yoga Sleep Class with Archaa

    Move through poses that help you center deeper rest. Prepare to calm your mind and bring ease into your system through the ancient South Asian practice of yoga, led by Archaa.
    In order to fully rest, we need to feel supported, both physically and mentally. Archaa integrates postures, breathing, and meditation to help our bodies move into deep rest and give the body an experience of full support.
    Archaa's Indian roots deeply connect her to this ancient practice and she's excited to share this sacred practice with us to experience the benefits on and off the mat.
    All levels welcome - every body is a yoga body. We provide mats, foam blocks and straps. You are welcome to bring your own and a blanket too to support your practice.

  • Slow Motion
    Slow Motion class

    Join Kat and Isabelle for 75-minutes of gentle movement, decompression, and mindful self-connection.

    The class begins with a flowy, low-impact Shimmy Pop dance warm-up, followed by guided stretch & mobility poses, all to a playlist designed to invite ease and intention into your body. We invite the use of chairs and props.

    Slow Motion Pop-Up is an invitation to those dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, long-covid, body image challenges, changing bodies, and anyone who just wants to slow down. Come, breathe with us as we move towards collective well-being.

    Check out video

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