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    Get Your Crew Together!

    Party Pop is available both in-person and virtually and accessible to all levels of movement experience. Our Choreographers are ready to throw a group experience for any occasion or milestone celebration, including team building events & school-hosted fundraisers. Our dynamic sessions promise to bring fun, energy, and a sense of community to your gathering, ensuring a unique and unforgettable event. Join us to celebrate, dance, and create lasting memories with Party Pop!

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    Our Choreographers. Your Dance.

    Party Pops are a 45-minute private class experience, of any Hipline class of your choice with your very own Hipline Choreographer.

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    Party Poppin' Discount

    Hipline+ members receive a 15% discount on one Party Pop per year. We also offer a 15% discount to schools and non-profits.

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I’ll admit, I passed by the studio for 10 years on my way to TJs, and thought it wasn’t for me — is it a cult? But once I tried it, I quickly found out that it IS a cult — a cult of positive energy and encouragement, body and color positivity, and embracing movement of all types. My kind of cult.

Adriane she/her
Adriane she/her

I started attending classes at Hipline in 2019, & discovered an opportunity to re-connect with my body for the first time since I became a mother in 2014, a safe space for expression & release, & a structure that invited me to experience movement authentically, bringing whoever I might be on any given day. I am a member because it has literally changed the way I think about myself & my body, & because I get not just physical benefits, but emotional & mental health benefits, too. Hipline is a true gift, and I'm so grateful for all of it.

Genie she/her/hers
Genie she/her/hers

I am so grateful for Hipline. I grew up with dance and stopped when I was 18, because I couldn't find classes where the emphasis was more on fun rather than technique and perfection. Grateful is the only word I can think of - so thank you thank you!

Paige she/her
Paige she/her

Just go. Beautiful community, great space, very welcoming. I felt so welcomed.

fitness community welcoming
Carly she/her

This place is a safe space. I have always felt very welcome and happy being there. The owner is wonderful, and so are the instructors. I wish my schedule allowed me more time slots to go to more classes. If you have a flexible schedule, getting the monthly membership is awesome!
Try out all the classes you want. That's the best.

friendly fitness community
Deyanira she/her

I’m so grateful you’re doing in person classes again! I really appreciate that both masks and vaccines are required. Thank you for all you offer and for really doing such an amazing job, both in the studio and online. 💖

Ingrid she/her
Ingrid she/her

I'm not sure I would have made it through the worst of the pandemic if I had not discovered and been so warmly welcomed into the Hipline community. Hipline was my first experience of making genuine connections over zoom - sharing dance, joy, unconditional support, humor, and life's travails. Thank you Hipline!!

Andrea she/they
Andrea she/they

I appreciate Hipline and everything that you do for our community. I just finished class & it made me think of how much Sunday class has helped me through the pandemic when I was feeling pretty low during shelter-in-place. Hipline is truly an amazing space for all of us and I'm so thankful for this wonderful studio!

Hipline Great Fitness space BIPOC
Bronwyn she/her