Made with you in Mind

In-Person / Livestream / On-Demand

Shimmy Pop

Shimmy Pop is a follow along cardio dance class that combines big energy music & juicy moves for your whole body. With everyone in mind, each Choreographer centers accessibility & an experience to express all sides of you! No dance experience needed, just bring an open heart and your water bottle.

Power Pop

Power Pop is an all-levels strength building class that moves to the music! Designed with all bodies in mind, each choreographer uses a variety of safe and easy-to-follow exercises that empowers you to feel strong in your body. We offer dumbbells, resistance bands, and other supportive equipment as options to use during class. Like all our classes, we encourage variations and listening to your body!

The Mix

You can do both! This class is a mix of Shimmy Pop + Power Pop. We incorporate the same joyful moves from each class to spark our strength and embody our power from the inside out. We each experience movement in a different way and this class invites all of it to the dancefloor! We offer dumbells, resistance bands, and other supportive equipment as options to use.

Pop-Up Classes

Pop-In anytime and explore these monthly classes with an intentional twist! Designed by our very own instructors to center and meet various needs of our community, these movement classes are an intentional space to connect to yourself and others.


Sunday Dance Moves: Short Combos w/ Tiffany

All levels welcome, seriously! Every month Tiffany drops new, approachable dance combos for all levels to follow to our favorite songs. These classes are about letting go, cultivating self love and positivity, and learning something new.

Each month focuses on a new choreography, but you can drop in anytime, even if you haven't attended the previous classes.

The good word


This place is a safe space. I have always felt very welcome and happy being there. The owner is wonderful, and so are the instructors. I wish my schedule allowed me more time slots to go to more classes. If you have a flexible schedule, getting the monthly membership is awesome!
Try out all the classes you want. That's the best.

friendly fitness community
Deyanira she/her

Hipline has literally saved me during the COVID shutdown. The online livestream classes are amazing -- the instructors have great energy and personal interactions, and the choreography is challenging and fun. Thank you for keeping us dancing, Hipline team!

Sejal  she/her
Sejal she/her

I started attending classes at Hipline in 2019, & discovered an opportunity to re-connect with my body for the first time since I became a mother in 2014, a safe space for expression & release, & a structure that invited me to experience movement authentically, bringing whoever I might be on any given day. I am a member because it has literally changed the way I think about myself & my body, & because I get not just physical benefits, but emotional & mental health benefits, too. Hipline is a true gift, and I'm so grateful for all of it.

Genie she/her/hers
Genie she/her/hers

Since 2010, I've been re-energizing my mind, body and spirit at Hipline. This creative dance/exercise studio is a community that welcomes ALL female spirits/bodies while creatively welcoming evolution of the mind and spirit through workshops, and meaningful conversations.

Liz she/her
Liz she/her

The women of The Reset were glowing after class. Your care, love, and commitment to creating an uplifting and welcoming space for all really shines through in your studio space and all the people who work there. From the front desk staff to instructor, we felt seen, cared for, and held in the best way. Thank you for putting this labor of love out into the world for us to enjoy!

Tina she/her

I'm so lucky and grateful to have found Hipline! In person & virtual, it is euphoric to be able to dance like no one is watching and also be together in this community. Thank you!

Sharon she/her
Sharon she/her

I’m so grateful you’re doing in person classes again! I really appreciate that both masks and vaccines are required. Thank you for all you offer and for really doing such an amazing job, both in the studio and online. 💖

Ingrid she/her
Ingrid she/her

I am so grateful for Hipline. I grew up with dance and stopped when I was 18, because I couldn't find classes where the emphasis was more on fun rather than technique and perfection. Grateful is the only word I can think of - so thank you thank you!

Paige she/her
Paige she/her

I appreciate Hipline and everything that you do for our community. I just finished class & it made me think of how much Sunday class has helped me through the pandemic when I was feeling pretty low during shelter-in-place. Hipline is truly an amazing space for all of us and I'm so thankful for this wonderful studio!

Hipline Great Fitness space BIPOC
Bronwyn she/her

Just go. Beautiful community, great space, very welcoming. I felt so welcomed.

fitness community welcoming
Carly she/her