Caring For Each Other

Covid Safety

To attend an in person class at Hipline you must be

  • fully vaccinated against Covid-19 including 1 booster
  • symptom free
  • not recently exposed to Covid-19

Exemptions provided for full vaccination on a case-by-case basis for qualified medical reason or religious belief. Clients who are not fully vaccinated will not be permitted to enter the studio until and unless the exemption is granted. Email to inquire. Please know that any client who requests an exemption will be treated with respect and care whether or not the exemption is granted.

All classes are mask optional with the exception of a few. Mask Required Classes are designated in the title of the class in the class schedule.

Upon entry to your first class back in the studio you must show proof of vaccination for Covid-19. Please bring either your vaccination card or your electronic vaccine verification.

Clients who make an indoor class reservation and do not attend class will incur a $20 late cancellation fee if they are on the Hipline + membership. For all other passes, the client loses the class.



We are open Tuesday through Sunday for indoor and livestream classes.

Yes, there will be a separate reservation sheet for each class experience - one for indoor classes, one for live streaming classes.

Yes. We will require proof of vaccination at your first visit, which includes booster verification. We will take a photo of your vaccination card or QR code and upload it to your Mind Body Online profile. We will occasionally request proof of vaccination for all clients to show booster status.

No. For now, we will encourage them to utilize livestream.

Classes are capped at 16 clients in the dance studio. This is half the capacity pre-pandemic.

Clients can walk in and sign-up for class, however we strongly encourage advanced sign-up due to limited capacity. Clients who make an indoor class reservation and no show/late cancel will incur a $20 late cancellation fee if they are on the Hipline + membership. For all other classes, the client loses the class.

All classes are mask optional - for now (with the exception of a few classes which are mask required. Mask Required classes will be indicated in the title of the class in the class scheudle). We follow the Alameda County guidelines regarding mask wearing, and will adjust the mask requirements to meet these guidelines.

Clients should exit class and take a break. We ask that clients re-enter in between songs so as not to disrupt the rest of the class during a song.

Of course! We encourage everyone to bring their own filled water bottle, as we will not be selling water on-site. You do no have to leave the dance studio to drink water.

Windows will be open at all times, fans going, and two HEPA air filters running at all class times.

Hipline has a COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which is a planning guidance for staff and clients to follow for 1) Early Identification 2) Prevention and 3) Transmission of COVID-19 on our premise. In the event we are made aware that someone on the premise has or potentially has COVID-19 we have a communication plan in place to notify impacted staff and clients.