Power Pop 

Quote: “Life loves the liver of it” – Maya Angelou

Dance Background: Born and raised in the Bay Area, Ariel’s dance journey first began when she took her first tap class at the age of 5. As she grew so did her love for dance, so she joined her high school dance team and her church’s praise dance team. After graduating, Ariel went straight into becoming the Captain of her church’s dance team, and a full time dance teacher at a studio for children. She also is apart of a Bay Area hip hop group based out of Oakland where she serves as the Assistant Choreographer.

Playlist:  Bruno Mars, Goapele, Beyoncé, NeYo, Eryka Badu

What to expect: You will learn how to master the best squat of your life!





Shimmy Pop 

Quote: “…It’s in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, The palm of my hand, The need for my care. ‘Cause I’m a woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman. That’s me.” -Maya Angelou

Dance Background: Blair grew up in Detroit, Michigan where she began her first ballet class at 7 years old through a program at her childhood church. This inspired an upbringing of opportunities in expressive movement leading to minoring in dance in college and studying at The Ailey School in NYC. With training in Modern dance (Graham, Horton), West & Central African, Ballet, Jazz, Improvisation, Methods in Teaching, and Creative Dance – she has continued dancing till today and is thrilled to share her love for freedom in dance with you.

Playlist: Nina Simone, Rihanna, Avicii, J Balvin, Ultimate Rejects, Alessia Cara, D’Banj, Beyoncé, Walk The Moon

What to expect: Expect to sweat, be fulfilled, experience variety, have fun, shake the booty and – did she mention sweat?


Power Pop 

Quote: “To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”
– Agnes De Mille

Dance Background: Talia Starting at a young age in the worlds of Ballet and Modern, Talia also found love in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contact/Improv, African, and various latin dance styles. After getting her B.A. in dance, she has been performing, choreographing and teaching for the past 13 years. In addition to Power Pop, Talia teaches various dance classes, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, PIYO, STRONG, Strength Training and is excited to bring her passion for movement, music and health to the Hipline community!

Playlist: 90s hip hop/pop all the way thru what’s playing on the radio today: Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Salt n Pepa, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pitbull, Britney Spears, Fergie, Daddy Yankee, and J Balvin to name a few

What to expect: I want to challenge you, to make the most of your hour with me, to work every part of your body all while being safe, creating an environment you can just let go, tune out the outside world, keep you entertained and leave with a smile on your face:)


Shimmy Pop 

Quote: “Get the point? Good, let’s dance.” – Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation 1814

Dance Background: Lisha Lisha Yates is a Virginia native and gymnast-turned-dancer. She has performed and choreographed contemporary, jazz, and hip hop styles over the years for her college dance team and several adult dance companies on the East Coast. After 3.5 years in the Bay Area, she has finally gotten her dance groove back and loves shimmying with the Hipline community!

Playlist: Janelle Monae, Kendrick Lamar, Sylvan Esso, James Brown, Solange, Prince, HAIM Check out my spotify!

What to expect: My class will be a journey of all the feels! I love how music can tap into so many different emotions; we’ll explore that range with our bodies, each uniquely beautiful in the way it moves. There are no wrong answers on the dance floor so come ready to let it all go, turn on the sass, and get funky…hopefully you’ll leave feeling sexy, grounded, and emboldened to go out there and rule the world!


Shimmy Pop / Power Pop / Hipline Technique Quote: “All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing.” ― Molière Dance Background: Middle Eastern Dance. “Samar Nassar, the Lebanese bellydancer, flaunted a flamboyant red brassiere, a wide expanse of bare midriff and a red skirt starting low on the pelvis. She demonstrated virtuoso bumps, grinds and rapid but complexly rhythmical undulations and isolations of pelvis and ribcage. (Many Muslims would object not to the dance itself but to its being performed in front of strangers.) What surely nobody could miss — the transcendent element — were the joy in performance and the intricate professional skill: they made this woman look liberated and entirely empowered.” - Playlist: Celia Cruz, Shakira, Destiny’s Child, Major Lazer, Prince, Yonce, Arabic Beats. What to expect: “Get free.”



Shimmy Pop / Power Pop

Quote: “Music can either make you forget everything or remember everything.”

Dance Background: Dance is an integral part of how our family shares time. Both our Lebanese and Peruvian sides love to move. Growing up in the bay, I’ve watched and learned from many and infused that into how I dance today. You might have caught me in the cages dancing at Soundfactory back in the day! Jah!

Playlist: Rihanna, Major Lazer, T.I., Danza Kaduro, Nicki Minaj, EPMD, Usher, Beyonce

What to expect:  I want the ladies to feel their strength physically, mentally and spiritually. When we walk out of that room I want us to feel like we got a little extra swagger (& booty bounce!) in our step and fully charged to go about our day sharing our light with others.


Shimmy Pop / Power Pop Quote: “To dance, put your hand on your heart, and listen to the sound of your soul.” ~ Eugene Faccuito Dance Background:  Heather’s dance background is strongly rooted in ballet, from her formative years of growing up on & off a military base in Rota, Spain.  She immersed herself in a myriad of dance forms in college, including folkloric, modern & hip-hop. Upon moving to Oakland in 2000, Heather studied Tae Kwon Do, giving her a new way to move & release.  As a seasoned Hipline choreographer, Heather draws inspiration from her diverse herstory as well as from her amazing colleagues. Playlist:  A beautiful mix of always evolving inspirational music, with a bit of booty shakin’ sprinkled in:  “Ojos Asi” Shakira / “Va Va Voom” Nicki Minaj / “Bootywork” T-pain / “Alive” Sia / “Feel This Moment” Pitbull / “Freedom” Pharrell /  “Heya” Sean Paul  What to expect:  Heather Alaine strongly believes in the power of transformation through movement.  As a teacher, Heather is loved for her high energy, inspiration & positivity.  She can get you to smile & sing while you sweat during her intense dance cardio & strength workouts, so that by the end of class you feel beautifully worked.  With a focus on self-awareness, intuition, and connection, her classes are like a delicious sugarscrub for your body, mind & soul.  



Shimmy Pop 

Quote: Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. – GOETHE
Dance Background: Encouraged by friends to try out for a Hip-Hop Crew in DC during college, what turned out as something she loved to do for fun became part of who she is now. Always thankful for her friends and a testament that it’s never too late to start anything that brings you joy! They competed and performed throughout the East Coast. Immersed in the Hip-Hop Scene, it made her want to discover other forms of dance like Traditional Filipino Dance, Salsa, Modern Dance and more. This led to her love of Choreography and being able to share that with everyone else.
Playlist: Major Lazer, Beyonce, Lil Jon, Ester Dean, Eve, K’Naan, Ciara, Mya to name a few.
What to expect: To move with purpose! You’ll hear Deb often say ‘This is YOUR hour, make it your own.’ Whether it’s to find personal inner grit or that cool sexy groove or both, she gives purpose and passion to each beat.


Shimmy Pop Quote: “To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak.” -Native American Proverb Dance Background: Giti has an eclectic taste in music which has fed her dance background over time. She studied classical Indian dance and led a South Asian fusion dance team in her college years at Columbia University. She has experience learning modern and tap dance, and she enjoys choreographing hip-hop and bhangra moves into her SP combos. Playlist:  Kid Ink, the Biebs, Missy Elliott, Bollywood classics, M.I.A., Beyonce, T-Pain, crazy music from the 3-0-5 (hometown love!), and lots of songs to sing along to. What to expect: Giti believes that being fully present is the only way to live. Expect one hour to focus on nothing but your journey, your body, yourself. She enjoys diving deep into basic movement and challenging the mind-body connection with interesting choreography. Get ready to squat into the dance floor, jump high toward the disco ball, and feel like the badass, strong lady that you are.


Shimmy Pop Quote: “Dance first, think later.  It’s the natural order.” – Samuel Beckett Dance Background: Andrea Banks knew that she had a passion for dancing when she started twirling during class in the 3rd grade. Her teacher yelled at her to sit down. Luckily, the only shouts she now receives are shouts of encouragement. Hailing from Los Angeles with a degree in Sociology from the University of Southern California, Andrea has a background in Jazz, Hip Hop, and has also explored the world of Zumba. Andrea loves Hipline’s focus of encouraging fitness through the mode of dancing and tailors her classes to focus on fun, energetic, sharp moves while providing a comfortable yet challenging environment. Her styles range from funky and soul to sassy and sultry. Andrea wants all of her clients to feel beautiful and confident, the same way Hipline makes her feel. She can’t wait to share her passion with others! Playlist: Drake, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar (LA, where you at?!), Pitbull, and anything else that prevents the body from sitting still. What to expect: Every class with Andrea is a video shoot where the alter ego comes into play.  Imagine the fans as wind machines, giving every dancer in class that Beyoncé-esque windblown hair effect. Imagine the studio as a runway, where every woman is a model and striking a pose for the cameras.  Every woman should feel empowered, strong, sensual, and even a little naughty, and this is exactly what happens in Andrea’s Shimmy Pop class.  Get ready to be fierce, determined, and unapologetic.  In a nutshell, one word can wrap up Andrea’s class: “SLAY.”  


Power Pop Quote: “It’s in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” ~Maya Angelou Dance Background: Dance and fitness have always been a passion and an essential part of my life. From dance classes at a young age, to dance team in high school, to coaching a spirit squad, I have always loved movement. Throughout the years I have enjoyed and taught group fitness classes; the energy that I gain from others in the room has been my inspiration. Finding Hipline changed my life. It is a place that allows women to let loose and be free in the moment. Power Pop is my happy place. Playlist: Rihanna, Sia, Jay Z, Jesse J, Macklemore, DJ Snake, David Guetta, Cake, Awolnation, Pussycat Dolls What to expect: Expect an hour of fun and fabulous motion. Expect to shimmy, sweat, shake, sing, and smile. Expect to be fierce, to breathe deeply, and to burn. Expect to leave stronger than when you arrived because you are a phenomenal woman.


Power Pop Quote: Gonna make you sweat.” Dance Background: Jackie’s love of dance started as a kid performing ballet, jazz and tap recitals. As an adult she has explored different types of movement by training in pole dancing, salsa and hip-hop. Jackie also has a background in boxing, Pilates and contortion which has helped her learn how to challenge the body in different ways. Playlist: Bringing back the classics from the 80s (Janet, Salt-n-Pepa), 90s (Prince, Big Pun) and even some early 2000s (Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Ying Yang Twins) in addition to current hits (Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Pitbull, Sia, Lil Jon, Lady Gaga) What to expect:  A balanced, full-body strengthening class focused on controlled movement to ensure a safe workout. Lots of challenging and unique movements to engage your muscles from all angles. I want you to feel the burn!!


Power Pop Quote: “let go!”  Dance Background: Capoeira, freestyle, West African, Salsa, Afro-Brazilian, Samba.  Dancing is one of the ways I let go and feel completely free. To share this and do it as much as I can is a complete blessing. Playlist: Rihanna, Lauryn Hill, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Macklemore, Talib Kwali, Gwen Stefani, Ray Charles, MIA, Lourdes…..  I’m not wedded to any genre, but if the music makes me move.. That’s a wrap. And if we can sing our hearts out to it, even better. What to expect:  Expect to be present. Expect to work your body out in a way that is challenging, but fun, and with a group of your girlfriends.  If we can let go, and be truly free of care and worry, and just be together, with some sweet music, and some laughter and PLAY…then I’m happy.


Quote: “Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.” 
-Kurt Vonnegut
Dance background: Taylor’s formal dance training began when she was eight years old, studying jazz, contemporary, hip hop, swing, and tap, but she was a mover before she ever entered a dance studio. Hipline is her greatest love affair and biggest inspiration, she is beyond thrilled to be sharing space on the dance floor with the Hipline ladies.
Playlist: Rocky Rivera, Drake, R. Kelly, Beyonce, Tweet, Missy Elliot, Kiesza, Sean Kingston, Florence + The Machine, Childish Gambino, Rihanna
What to expect: Taylor strives to make dance and movement as silly, honest, accessible, and fun as possible. 


Power Pop Quote: “Dancing gives you wings” – a fairy truth. Dance Background: As a child, Libby developed an interest in dance from watching Missy Elliott and Sean Paul music videos and was often found dancing and choreographing in front of a mirror in her bedroom.  At 13, when she left home for boarding school, she began studying modern dance and afterward got training in hip hop, African, Jamaican dancehall, jazz and ballet.  In college she was exposed to many world dance forms like bellydance and Bhangra and spent a semester studying dance in Ghana, West Africa.Currently Libby performs with the Rae Agency dance company and choreographs for a live music and dance performance project The Mothers of Pearl.

Playlist: Belieber all the way, soulful, electronic fusion, fun pop, world dance, Beyoncé.
What to expect: Libby believes dancing provides a creative outlet like no other, where you can transform, be present and truly LIVE. While in Maui in 2015, a wise man fortune teller told her that her destiny is to bring others toward enlightenment through fun & dancing feels like the perfect way to do just that. In Libby’s classes, come willing to smile, let loose, sing along, and just be yourself.  Share in the positive energy and the natural high that dancing- really getting down- provides.  Dancing can be a magical experience if you let it! Be open to trying new ways of movement and really finding your groove!


Shimmy Pop / Power Pop / Hipline Technique

Quote: “Every time I dance I turn into a better version of me.” and “You sho didn’t come here cuz you wanted it to be easy!”

Dance Background: Dancing since age three. A daily diet of ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, and contemporary for 14 years until she stumbled upon Simonson Technique in college at Columbia University (which Rozz became certified in in later years). Added various cultural and Afro and Latino diasporic dance styles over the years including Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Flamenco, and West African amalgamations. Also teaches swing, tango, and other ballroom dance technique.

Fitness Background: In 2000 a new gym opened in her neighborhood of Williamsburg, BK, and to avoid paying for a gym membership Rozz decided to teach kickboxing and cardio hip hop classes as a trade. As her clientele grew she got certified as a personal trainer and began to train clients in the local park under the name Billyburg Bootcamp. As this business grew, Rozz added Mommy Bootcamp–a fitness class for new moms and their babies which became a neighborhood hit amongst new families. Rozz is also a CrossFit 1 Certified Instructor as well as a practitioner of EM Technique.

Playlist: Only the best ol skool jams, and new stuff that’s isn’t crap.

What to expect: Expect to push yourself, challenge yourself, and be the best self you’ve ever been!


Shimmy Pop

Quote:“Dance isn’t just dance; it’s MAGICAL, something that sets you free!”

Dance Background: Aurelia’s dance background came alive in theatre productions at a young age, quickly spurring her to study many aspects of the dance world, including Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, and Salsa. She has danced in LA, her kickass home of the Bay Area, and has a degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado. She is inspired by everything from Beyonce booty werkin to Michael Jackson and Nsync videos. So come smile and laugh and DANCE with her!! Come set your soul on fire!

Playlist: Santigold, Beyonce, Danity Kane, Missy Elliott, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding.  

Hipline exists to inspire and empower women through movement. We nurture community, health, and diversity through all aspects of our company.