Dance Jungle Playroom Childcare

Welcome to
The Dance Jungle Playroom Childcare

A fun, adventurous & supervised place for your child, while you rock it out on the dance floor! Make a reservation to hold your spot. Space is limited.

Reservation steps:
Step 1: Sign-In under your username and password.
Step 2: Click on “My Info” tab. Select “Add Family Member”
Step 3: Fill out information, including child’s DOB.
Step 4: Click “Save”
Step 5: Click on “Class Schedule Tab” to return to the Dance Jungle Playroom class you want to register for.
If you cannot see it on the class schedule make sure “All Programs” and “All Class Types” selected at the top right of your screen.

Reservations are $8 per child

Jungle Rules

• Children may be 12 months-11 years old.

• If your child uses diapers, parent/guardian must provide disposable diaper and please make sure to change child in the half hour prior to class time

• Playroom supervisor will only change child if child shows outward signs of needing a changing.

• If your child is potty-trained, please make sure to take your child to the restroom before class. If a child needs to go during Playroom visit, the Playroom Supervisor will coordinate a “field trip” visit.

• Parent/guardian may not leave premises at anytime while the child is in the playroom, and must sign-in and out the child.

• Only the parent/guardian that signs the child in can sign the child out.

• Once your class(es) ends please pick-up child within 5 minutes of end time of class.

• Music from class may be audible in the playroom and may contain explicit lyrics.

• Hipline has a 2 hours class cancellation policy, as does the playroom reservation. If you cancel your reservation in the playroom within the 2 hours, you will lose the playroom pass reservation without a refund.

• If your child is unwell they cannot attend the Playroom. For the safety of all children, Staff has the right to refuse to admit children if they are, or suspect they are, unwell.

• Biting, hitting, kicking, and rowdy behaviors that may injure another child are not permitted. Children who misbehave will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior continues, they will be asked to take a break from playing before they can rejoin the group and play. If such behavior continues, the child may be turned away from the playroom.

• Children must wear clothing at all times. Shoes may be removed.

• No personal electronic devices are allowed in the playroom.

• No food allowed.

• Playroom capacity is 5 children.